Music’s in the air with Noxite


Finland’s famous concert hall chooses Noxite eco-active roofing material to tune the building of world-class music performances perfectly with the surrounding.  

Dynamically designed Scandinavia’s largest conference and concert centre has just finished its first part of roof renovation resulting in 1300 square metres of Noxite roof. The project will continue through the next few years to expand to 3500 square metres in total.

“Noxite is a bit more expensive than an average membrane, but at Tampere Hall we do count also green values”, says Estate Manager Marko Koivisto. And this is exactly the value that eco active Noxite will add to the building.

From now on, the state-of-the-art Tampere Hall and its symphonic orchestra will not only make sure that music’s in the air all around but will also support the city to maintain clean air for the citizens of Tampere - the heart of Finland’s second largest economic regions.

Tampere Hall before roof renovation

Icopal Group

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