Icopal participates in record building project


Visible from a long distance, the beautiful and impressive tower The Pyramidenkogel stands tall as the new emblem of Carinthia in Southern Austria. The Pyramidenkogel tower, which has been awarded the Holzbaupreis, is the highest viewing platform made of only natural building materials and it is a benchmark for the innovative use of timber in building structures. From this 70 meter high wooden structure standing on top of 850 m high Pyramidenkogel mountain visitors can enjoy an unforgettable and stunning view of the surrounding area.


The community of Keutschach decided that the tower should predominantly consist of natural building materials such as timber and stone from the region. Villas Austria, the supplier of technologically advanced waterproofing materials and sustainable solutions in construction, was selected by the designer to provide long-life waterproofing lining system. The system installed is Villas Warmdach, ALGV-45 used as a moisture barrier and polymer bitumen self-adhesive Villaself. Additionally, environmentally friendly Villaverde E-KV and WS-I were installed to guarantee the protection from water and dampness.

The Pyramidenkogel tower with its remarkable silhouette, long lasting waterproofing requirement and sustainable product profile is another great example of the structures where Icopal proves to be the world reference in waterproofing technology.


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