Noxite air-purifying characteristics appreciated


Icopal is happy to admit that the popularity of sustainable construction and eco products used for roofing and waterproofing is steadily growing. Our focus on environmentally friendly solutions has proved to be the right direction. And we especially enjoy the idea that with our products we can contribute to the cleaner environment! This can be achieved, for instance, by applying our unique Noxite depolluting membrane and allowing it to purify the air.


In the last few months Noxite membrane (known also as NOx-Activ membranes in our southern European markets) has been selected for a number of outstanding projects in Spain:

  • six roof refurbishment projects of Leroy Merlin stores in various parts of Spain, summing up to 36,000 m2 in total,
  • roof refurbishment of IKEA in La Coruña (22,000 m2)
  • Mercedes-Benz plant in Vitoria
  • Seat store in San Sebastian
  • Hostelry School in Bilbao

Noxite’s depolluting characteristics are also appreciated in the northern part of Europe and the membrane has been chosen recently for two large projects in Finland and Latvia:

  • new roof of 15,000 m2 on a sports hall Kuopiohalli in the city of Kuopio, Finland
  • 14,000 m2 roof on a cargo packaging and warehouse building in Riga

Noxite roof in Riga, Latvia

You can find out more about depolluting Noxite characteristics by visiting our Noxite page and watching our Noxite video

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Noxite air-purifying characteristics appreciated


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