Waterproofing of fabulous Mont Saint Michel pathway


Mont Saint Michel is a small Unesco World Heritage site located on a rocky island surrounded by sandbanks, just off the costs of Normandy in northern France. The island is best known for the Gothic style Benedictine Abbey of St Michel built between the 11th and 16th century. This little island is the second most frequently visited place in France, just after Paris, with 2.5 million visitors every year.

Due to the number of tourists and cars which so far have turned the existing road between the island and continental France into a huge busy car park, a project was started to build a new pedestrian path and allow only shuttle traffic on it. This will be both beneficial for the island’s condition and will ensure more welcoming landscape for tourists. And this is Siplast France which provided 6000 sqm of its high performance waterproofing solution Parafor Ponts, specially designed for bridges, and a liquid product Paracoating Deck – the new solvent-free liquid applied waterproofing developed recently by Group R&D for waterproofing of bridge upstands and details. Additionally, Siplast Jet Pont II machine was used to install the membrane on the path.

The installation work lasted only 4 days due to exceptionally favourable sunny and dry weather conditions which were crucial for completing the job quickly. The success was a result of the professional approach of Siplast team and obviously high quality of the materials provided. And the quality of both the products and installation work are of the key importance when we deal with a path exposed to so much moisture, surrounded by the sea and taking all the impact of high tides and extremely damp conditions.

We are proud for our participation in such a prestigious project and are certain the high quality of Siplast products will prove their perfect performance on a new pedestrian pathway to Mont Saint Michel.

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