New Icosun PV mounting system


Renewable energy increases its importance in our everyday lives and roof space represents a huge potential for harnessing and utilizing solar energy. Icopal has developed three series of products that provide safe installation of Photovoltaic panels on roofs and at the same time ensure the waterproofing solution for the lifetime of the roof. ICOSUN Fast is the latest innovation of Icopal PV mounting system family.

ICOSUN Fast  is exceptionally fast and easy to install PV mounting system for rigid solar panels integrated in waterproofing membrane with hook-and- loop fasteners. The system is suitable for 1 – 10% roof slopes. It consists of:

  • waterproofing bituminous self protected membrane Parafor Solar Grip with an integrated loop fastener band
  • extruded profile made with ASA polymer with an integrated hook band

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ICOSUN T-Fix is a mounting solution for rigid photovoltaic panels on waterproofing bituminous membranes.  The system is suitable for use on virtually any roof slope (0 – 100%). It consists of fastening profiles used as support of photovoltaic rigid panels integrated with bituminous waterproofing granule-surfaced capsheet.

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ICOSUN Console
is specially developed for installing solar panels on flat roofs (maximum 35% slope). The mounting system can also be used for fixation of air condition devices and other devices that need to be fastened on a roof.
This innovative solution is applicable to virtually any surface with a top layer of bitumen or synthetic waterproofing membranes.

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Choosing one of the systems and adding solar panels you can be sure you have a perfect match of waterproofing and renewable energy solution on your roof.

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