Roofing solution for an awarded Madrid project


The combination of a high architectural quality and functional design of a building with energy efficiency has led to a modern sustainable solution developed for a German School in Madrid. The project won “Architecture with Energy” prize, awarded by The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in 2011.The ideas of innovation, energy concept as well as climatic considerations, aesthetic and social aspect overlap perfectly in this architectural masterpiece and set a new standard in social building construction. The high insulation and ventilation standard ensure low heating and cooling energy consumption, which is most important in hot summer months.

German School in Madrid

On the area of 34,700 sqm the buildings combine a nursery school, a primary and secondary school as well as the social and sports facilities like canteen and auditorium, sports halls and an underground garage. The houses for the different school areas each surround their own courtyard, creating a kind of a cloister with an opening to take in a view of the surrounding landscape. The buildings merge into one and from the bird’s eye view will look like a complex organic molecule. All communal areas – the foyer spaces, canteen, 1,000-seat concert hall, library and gymnasium – frame the central yard and connect the school houses together.

Now, when the German School in Madrid is in its final construction stage, Vedag Germany and Icopal Spain have joined their forces to successfully contribute to this prestigious project by delivering waterproofing and roof insulation solutions which meet high energy and excellent roof protection requirements. The first part of Vedag materials have already been delivered to the site. The total order for the roof of 11,000 sqm comprises six products including EPS insulation, VEDATECT AL + G200 S4 and PYE G 200 S5 membranes, VEDATOP SU Safety and other.  

We are proud and grateful that Icopal was appointed for this project on our high competence in waterproofing in combination with our international capabilities.


Icopal Group

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