Icopal Energy Roof wins DI Product Prize 2011



Using geothermal energy on the roof Danish house owners are now able to save on heating costs and at the same time reduce the CO2 emission by up to 40 percent.

Today Icopal received the prestigious product award from DI (Confederation of Danish Industry) for its climate friendly Icopal Energitag (Icopal Energy Roof). The now award-winning principle behind the energy roof is a combination of geothermal energy and bitumen membranes.

Karsten Dybvad, Director of DI presented Icopal with DI’s product prize as the closing of the confederation’s summit conference concerning industrial politics. The prize is awarded once a year as adulation to a company which is capable of developing outstanding solutions to the end users.

In principle the Icopal Energy Roof is a hybrid of a fluid carried underfloor heating system and a geothermal heat system. The roof surface of the energy roof absorbs energy from the wind, rain and sun. Energy is carried to the connected heating pump, which extracts the energy from the fluid and uses it for heating the building. 

- It is a great honour to receive acknowledgement and acclaim for our hard work and creativity. We also see the prize as recognition of Icopal’s efforts to find innovative and climate friendly solutions to the building industry, says CEO Søren Drewsen, Icopal Denmark.

See photos of DI’s product prize 2011 here

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