Villas Awarded with Important Austrian Prize


Icopal new Group member Villas GmbH is honoured with a 1st prize in "Austrian Leading Companies" a search for Austria's most competitive and successful businesses. PwC, the Austrian Kreditschutzverband and the WirtschaftsBlatt evaluate Austrian companies and this year awards Villas the 1st prize in the area of Carinthia.

Villas challenged the difficult economical environment and continued to grow. In 2009 Villas achieved a turnover of 56 M€ - a growth of 4% from the year before. In 2010 the company management expects a similar growth rate of 3-5%. "The market for new build is shrinking hitting projects of civil works, commercial buildings and industrial buildings, but the market for renovation is growing", states Managing Director Gerhard Prasser.  Another important factor for the Villas business is the influence of oil prices on earnings as the by far largest part of the raw materials used stem from crude oil. "The target is to optimize the structure of raw materials in our products" says Managing Director Gilbert Isep. The focus of optimising the recipes for the bitumen products is continuously held throughout the entire Icopal Group.

Villas GmbH is located in Fürnitz, Austria and has 116 employees. Main products are within the area of bitumen roof membranes and bitumen waterproofing. Besides sales to the local market Villas exports to Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.


Read the article from WirstschaftsBlatt (german)

Villas, Austria

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