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Leading building membranes specialist Icopal is countering the continuing recession with the launch of a plethora of new products at this year’s Ecobuild.

The company, which draws on the expertise of the global Icopal brand for research and development, is launching four new products on its larger-than-usual stand (number 1350) in addition to showcasing its green roof systems and accessories, BRE Green Guide A+ rated single-ply waterproofing membranes, Monarfloor acoustic solutions for the Code for Sustainable Homes, and geomembranes’ extended product range.

The new sustainable roofing systems for launch at Ecobuild 2010 are:

1. Therm’X – an insulating  radiant barrier and breather membrane with reflective sur-faces that  supplements insulation in pitched roofs,
2. EcoActive membranes containing granules which absorb and convert harmful NOx pol-lutants,
3. IcoSun – a system which combines recycled polyolefin bituminous waterproof mem-branes with amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells to provide waterproofing and energy production for flat roofs.
4. IcoMoss – a lightweight moss mat green roof system that also helps to reduce airborne pollution.

Also showcasing on the Icopal stand will be Monarfloor’s Bridgestop proprietary separating wall system that has been approved by Robust Details [E-WM-19] as the first four-credit wall solution for The Code for Sustainable Homes as per Section 7: Health and Well-being.

Research by Icopal has already shown cost savings can be made in materials and labour because the party walls only require plasterboard of 8kg/m²instead of 12.5kg² for solid Part E solution walls, saving 4.5kg/m² of gypsum-based board per m². Manufactured from recy-cled LRAC foam, Bridgestop also enables a cavity party wall to be constructed off a con-tinuous slab, showing significant costs savings below ground.

Details of how Icopal Monarflex Geomembranes’ product range has been extended to in-clude solutions for radon control, Japanese Knotweed, volatile liquids and damp proofing will also be available on the stand. All Monarflex geomembranes are offered on either a supply-only basis or via a complete installation service using Icopal’s own directly em-ployed installers

Icopal’s stand will be manned by specialists who can advise on all product and design considerations for the complete range of roofing, acoustic and geomembrane solutions. 

The company’s green roof portfolio includes extensive systems such as those for sedum, bio-diverse and meadow as well as intensive build-ups for lawns, trees and shrubs, hard landscaping and car parks. These are complemented by the EasyGreen modular sedum system and TerraDek deck hard landscaping.

Green roof systems from the company give a unique combination of benefits including minimum roof loadings (substrates up to a third lighter than standard top soil), integrity of waterproofing surfaces including guarantees of up to 20 years, and single source of sup-ply.

In addition, the SureWeld “green” TPO membrane does not contain any internal or exter-nal plasticisers, chlorine, bromine or halogens, and is so environmentally friendly and re-cyclable it is approved by Greenpeace.



Icopal Limited, UK

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