Icopal Denmark wins Innovation Award


Icopal wins Innovation Award for energy producing roof 

Søren Drewsen, Bjarne Pedersen from Icopal Danmark a/s with Kim Christensen, Danfoss A/S

On November 9th 2010 Engineer Bjarne Pedersen from Icopal Denmark received Dansk Industri's (Confederation of Danish Industry) award for Innovative Cooperation 2010. Bjarne received the award for the development of a roofing solution that produces heat for buildings and reduces the emission of CO2 by 40% in comparison to oil, gas or electrical heating. The development has been completed in cooperation with Danfoss and the new green roof solution is met with great interest in Denmark and abroad.

Energy production from the 5th facade
Bjarne Pedersen, Technical Manager at Icopal Danmark a/s, is this year winner of DI (Confederation of Danish Industry) Building Materials' award for Innovative Cooperation 2010. The award is granted for his work in the development of “Icopal Energitag” - a "clear, simple and communicative product with international potential", as it was presented at the award ceremony Tuesday night in Copenhagen.

In the speech given at the award ceremony DI Building Materials mentioned among other things Bjarne Pedersens ability to use documented technology and standard components creatively in an untraditional way. It was further mentioned that the award is an appreciation of Icopal's targeted work to exploit the possibilities of producing green energy in the roof area - also called the 5th facade.

Innovation that makes a difference
Icopal's work in developing this new green roof solution started around three years ago. Following the growing environmental awareness in the society Bjarne Pedersen started the development of an energy producing roof supplementing Icopal's other environmentally friendly roof solutions. This work lead Icopal into a long innovative process in cooperation with their partners before the documented solution was complete.

"It is the urge to develop and improve that drives what I do and forms the basis for Icopal. Therefore it is of course a great satisfaction when the work is a success and the result a new product that makes a positive difference in the world" says Bjarne Pedersen, who does not hide his pride in receiving the DI Buidling Materials' Award 2010.

"It is a great joy to be honoured for the work in which we in Icopal put all our strength and creativity," he says.

Produces heat in cold weather
Icopal Energitag is principally a mixture of a fluid-borne floor heating system and a geothermal solution. Through the roof the energy roof absorbs heat from the wind, rain and the sun. From the energy roof the heat is led to the connected heat pump from Danfoss. The pump extracts heat from the fluid and uses it for the heating of the building.
"The energy roof supplies heat even at night and during cold weather down to as much as minus 8o C. Overall the energy roof reduces a buildings emission of CO2 with about 40% compared to heating by oil, gas or electricity, says Bjarne Pedersen.

Energy roof for Frederikshavn Police Headquarters 
He can keep talking about the energy roof that has been very well received by the entrepreneurs in Denmark. A similar interest is starting to show abroad. The great interest is caused by the focus on sustainable construction work - and the fact that Icopal has a complete range of environmentally friendly roof products.

"Besides Icopal Energitag Icopal Danmark has in the product group "Eco Activ" a roof solution with integrated solar cells, a roof with air cleaning features and a green roof with moss vegetation. All with potential advantages benefitting the investors, residents and the surrounding environment says Bjarne Pedersen and continues:

"It is very encouraging to see the growing environmental and energy awareness and the following growing demand for our environmentally friendly roof solutions. Among the customers is the Danish Slots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen (Palaces and Properties Agency) who has constructed a 500 square meter Icopal Energitag on the building of the Police Headquarters in Frederikshavn. The investment has a payback period of 13 years and results in a considerable reduction of the emission of CO2 in the city Frederikshavn, he finishes.

Get more information
Please contact Technical Manager in Icopal Danmark Bjarne Pedersen for more information:
Phone: 44 88 52 78. Mail:  



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