Icopal Acquires the Villas Group, developing its footprint in Austria, Hungary and South Eastern Europe


Gilbert Isep, Miguel Kohlmann, Gerhard Prasser

Icopal has acquired 100% of the shares in the Villas Group. The headquarters of the company is located in Fürnitz, Austria. Villas is the market leader for roofing membranes and waterproofing products in Austria and Hungary. The company is also an active player in South Eastern Europe including the Balkans. The group operates one factory in Fürnitz and a second one in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

Miguel Kohlmann, the CEO of Icopal, made the following statement regarding this acquisition: “Villas is one of Europe’s great groups in the area of waterproofing. It has a long tradition of innovation and customer orientation. We are very excited about the opportunities we will have together. We will be able to offer more products and services to our customers and increase our levels of efficiency especially in geographical areas where the Icopal did not have a strong presence”.

The former owners of Villas, Gilbert Isep and Gerhard Prasser, who will continue to manage the company, were equally enthusiastic about the acquisition: “Icopal is the perfect “new home” for Villas. The two groups have a common history of being pioneers in this industry and will be able to develop this business much faster together. The winners will be our customers, partners and employees”.

The Villas Group has achieved sales of 63mEUR with 180 employees in 2009.


The Icopal Group

The Icopal Group is the European leader for high end roofing products and waterproofing solutions.
Icopal is present throughout Europe and North America with a network of local sales teams and production units. At present Icopal operates 34 production sites and 91 sales offices.
The Icopal Group is headquartered in Denmark and had annual sales of EUR 925 million in 2009. Icopal employs some 3,600 people worldwide. For more information see


Copenhagen, Fürnitz 20.05.2010



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Soren Holm Pedersen                                              Gilbert Isep
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