A Modern Solution For An Old Building


Work on historical buildings is rewarding, but tricky.  Typically, there are difficult details, limited access, and strict aesthetic criteria involved.  Such was the case with the John Minor Wisdom United States Court of Appeals building in New Orleans. 

The John Minor Wisdom United States Court of Appeals, constructed from 1909-1915, is a landmark in a city full of distinctive architecture.  The Italian Renaissance Revival building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is laden with symbolic features, including the four statues at its corners popularly known as “The Ladies.” Respectfully preserving this New Orleans’ treasure was a serious consideration when it was time to work on the lower roof.

The roof area includes low flashing heights and balustrades that required flashing.  Such details are extremely difficult – if not impossible – to treat with sheet materials, but they are an ideal application for Parapro liquid-applied PMMA flashing.  Parapro PMMA roof membrane addressed the access issues and aesthetic requirements of the field area.  The roof is small and difficult to reach, so pail goods were easier to manage than roll materials.  Windows overlook the area, making the roof’s appearance important.  So to finish, colored quartz was broadcast into the Parapro Roof Membrane resin.

Due to security issues, work on the John Minor Wisdom United States Court of Appeals had to be performed at night, when court was not in session.  Oklahoma Roofing managed this challenge well. The Parapro roof blends with the architecture, and will protect the structure for years.

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