Terapro provides answers to remediation needs and aesthetic requirements


A Terapro Pedestrian Plaza Rehab

Circle Towers is a mixed-use development in Virginia that includes three residential high-rises, blocks of townhomes, storefronts, and office space.  The complex is connected by a 200,000 square foot pedestrian plaza. After thirty years of failed coatings, the plaza had seen better days.  The owners of Circle Towers enlisted the help of Siplast Terapro Select Contractor Consolidated Waterproofing of Maryland to implement a massive plaza rehabilitation project.

The first order of business was removal of the plaza’s multiple failed coatings by waterblasting.  Removal of the old coatings revealed many remediation needs, including a rough deck surface, tooled control joints, and deterioration.  As the remedial requirements unfolded, requirements for the new waterproofing system grew.  It was determined that a customized Terapro liquid-applied PMMA system would help with remediation and protect the Circle Towers plaza from further deterioration.

The plaza features numerous planters, which were waterproofed with torch-applied Siplast Teranap.  Planter walls were flashed with custom-tinted Terapro Flashing, and Terapro flashings were installed at all abutting structures and penetrations. The rough surface of the deck was primed with Pro Primer T, and a layer of Terapro VTS Resin was applied to level the surface and fill the tooled joints.  Finally, a reinforced layer of Terapro Base Resin was installed over the newly smooth deck, followed by a layer of VTS Resin, Pro Colored Quartz, and Pro Clear Finish.

Terapro provided answers for the deck’s remediation needs and the project’s aesthetic requirements.  And the right product, installed by the right contractor, provided the residents and patrons of Circle Towers with a beautifully restored pedestrian plaza.






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