Icopal among top 10 image improvers


Icopal a/s is in the top 10 of companies improving their image as stated in an analysis published by the Danish Business Magazine Berlingske May 1 2009. Among 140 companies Icopal now ranks as number 62 in terms of image compared to a ranking as number 88 last year.

3.643 business managers have evaluated the 140 Danish companies and given them individual scores for nine image drivers: Management, credibility, quality, employees, communication, competitiveness, financial strength, innovation and responsibility. Icopal improved on all drivers except innovation and communication, with the following scores: 

Icopal   Ranking in 2008   Ranking in 2009
Management      90  83
Innovation 57 56
Employees 102 80
Responsibility 86 54
 Credibility     93    52
Communication 105 111
Financial strength   107 76
Competitiveness 88   74
Quality 55  36
Knowledge 98 116

Companies in the top three of the analysis remain. Novo Nordisk ranks as number one for the 5th time in a row followed by LEGO, Novozymes, Danfoss and the producer of wind-mills Vestas. Other well-known companies did not do quite as well, the design giant B&O dropped 84 points in the ranking from 31 to 115 due to a "turbulent change of management".

Miguel Kohlmann on the Borsen ranking:

"Icopal has been have been rather a winner of the financial crisis. Many established good names of the industry lost image because of their behaviour in the current difficult times. This obviously led to an improvement in our ranking. But, we are doing a very solid work in most categories, and our improvement is more than justified! The improvement of the ranking in this Danish analysis comes essentially from the hard and solid work of our Danish team. So congratulations to our Danish team! "


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