A new generation in green roof technology has been launched byspecialist building membranes  Icopal.

The EasyGreen system is not only a fast-track modular one that will appeal to contractors but also enables improved storm water management and easy inspection of the underlying roof waterproofing membranes – benefits that will appeal to far-thinking architects and de-signers.

Compatible with all Icopal waterproofing solutions, the EasyGreen sedum module contains all the components necessary to provide an instant extensive green roof system – in a per-forated tray manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE.

Each 600x400mm tray contains drainage granules, filter layer, substrate and pre-grown sedum vegetation and is designed to drain not only towards the rain water outlets but also from tray to tray.

Modules connect to each other using “V” attachments on the sides, creating a solid net-work of interlocking modules that can be laid directly onto an Icopal waterproofing system. On steeper pitches, Icopal restraint strips prevent the modules from slipping.

Individual modules can be lifted out and replaced for easy inspection of the roof membrane post-installation as well as the retrofitting of roof-mounted plant and equipment.

Reservoirs in the bottom of each module help to supply the sedum plants in times of drought and are capable of attenuating 32 litres/m² of water – up to 50% more than tradi-tional sedum systems.

And as the sedum plants are already rooted in the growing substrate within the modules, they are more tolerant to wind uplift which can be an issue on exposed sites where sedum mats would need to be anchored in position until established.

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