Icopal bv performs a daring exploit in Groningen


Summary of article in the Dutch magazine “Stedenbouw” about the new construction of the Centre for Life Sciences of Groningen University in Groningen, the Netherlands.

For Icopal and her roofing company Smid & Hollander Dakbouw this literally meant a project at great height.

This spectacular project encounters 12,000 m² green roofs with an enormous complexity of building details. Icopal, via our roofing contracting company Smid & Hollander Dakbouw, are responsible for the challenging green roof construction.

The roofing for this building is sensational as the green roof ascends directly from the ground level. The slope of the roof is almost 20 degrees; the roof has a height of 35 to 40 meters and descends over a length of about 100 meters. No need to say that special safety protection measures needed to be developed to allow the roofers to work safely on this project.

Sloping green roof
The greater part of the roofs for the Centre for Life Sciences is based on a warm roof system. A bituminous moisture vapour membrane is attached to the concrete construction. On top of this, the isolation is attached with warm bitumen. This results in a RC of 3,5. This layer is followed by Icopal Universal WS is and last but not least the green roof. The green roof consists of substrates and vegetation mats. Some roofs will get a grass roof. Here the substrate layer is enlarged to about 1 meter.

Icopal is very proud of the result and of her roofers which have been working on the sloping roofs day after day. As Bram Kranenburg, the Technical Manager illustrates: “they must have goat legs by now!’

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