Icopal launches ultimate guide to soundproofing


A technical manual on Monarfloor’s sound reduction solutions for specifiers and contrac-tors has been launched by Icopal

The full-colour ring binder, which is updated quarterly, details Monarfloor’s comprehensive range of BBA-accredited, high-performance acoustic systems to help meet Part E of the Building Regulations in conversion, refurbishment and new-build.

Six sections explain the sound sense of specifying Monarfloor systems which are capable of three to four credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes. Sound advice is supplied by the acoustic technical support team which works in association with the Building Per-formance Centre at Napier University in Edinburgh with the UK’s largest library of building acoustic test data.

The sound proof section details how many of Monarfloor’s traditional floating floor treat-ments (FFTs) are now universally accepted as the industry standard and now comple-mented by innovative second-generation systems including the Robust Detail accredited Bridgestop system. 

Datasheets are included on this system as well as the under screed system Tranquilt, the isolation system for party floors Tranquility, and systems for decks, overlays, joist and con-crete floors, and cradle and batten systems.

These datasheets contain an overview of the system, features and benefits, product data and a brief guide to installation, as well as a detailed cross-section of the system.

A RIBA CPD provider, Monarfloor also provides CAD drawings of construction details, datasheets and literature as downloads from its website

Icopal UK

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