Decra tiles are just the tonic for dialysis at Hayes


Lightweight steel tiles from Decra Roof Systems have helped a state-of-the-art,
factory-built hospital unit meet a fast-track build programme and the local council’s
conservation criteria.

Some 1,500 Decra Oberon tiles in dark brown Bark colour provide the traditional
pitched finish appropriate for the vernacular in Hayes, Middlesex, but weigh 90%
less than clay tiles that are also subject to breaking and loosening.

They were specified by design and build contractor Wernick Buildings who use lowmaintenance
Decra tiles “constantly” on their modular projects, in this case their
Rapidplan™ 3000 building.

They certainly help to reduce healthcare building delays, the 37 modules being
delivered and craned into position at Hayes Cottage Hospital over four days and
fitted out over eight weeks.

Externally, this had to comply with the requirements of the local council’s
conservation department, and the Decra Oberon tiles were installed on site over four
weeks by sub-contractor Jamek.

Internally, the design had to meet strict NHS guidelines as well as John’s vision of a
user-friendly, open-plan design that patients, who require dialysis three times a
week, would appreciate.

At the Hayes site, everyone has tried to keep the cottage hospital culture but with
the very latest equipment and facilities, and there are 24 dialysis stations in the unit.
Using such a lightweight roof system has meant supporting framework has been
kept to a minimum to achieve the open-plan ethos.

Jeff Bownds, PR and marketing manager for Wernick, said: “The Decra tiles were
specified not only for their light weight which is ideal for factory builds but also
because they matched the specification and type required and the client liked them.”
John Fordham added: “The low-cost, high-specification nature of Wernick's building
just made sense to the dialysis team and us. Wernick have achieved a look that is
aesthetically pleasing and efficient in use.”


Photo: Wernick Buildings 

Decra Roof Systems Ltd.

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