FireSmart Application


Icopal has applied its resources to provide a range of fire prevention waterproofing solutions, providing the industry with its most persuasive argument ever to limit possible premium rises for both contractor and building owner.

FireSmart™ non-flammable SBS polymer modified bitumen membranes for single ply and built-up systems. This is the first roofing membrane system approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and the first non-flammable built up roofing system to be listed in the Red Book of Approved Fire & Security Products & Services.



FireSmart™ technology is available as:

Unique flame free application bringing yet more insurance benefits.
Traditional "pour & roll" or "torch-on" application using FireSmart™ non-flammable built up systems.

FireSmart™ ThermaScreed is a non-combustible roof insulation system for drainage that encapsulates high performance EPS insulation boards within two continuous layers of lightweight insulating concrete.

All systems are covered as standard by comprehensive insurance-backed guarantees covering materials, workmanship, system design, consequential loss and insolvency - providing absolute reassurance for specifiers.

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