Safe mounting of the roof

Icopal membranes are typically installed by a clean welding process with no application of hazardous chemicals. Bitumen Roofing membranes based on Icopal Grooves technology use 25% less gas and allows up to 30% faster application than traditional torch-on membranes. 

The risk of fire connected to the process is however an issue we at Icopal are well aware of. To reduce this risk Icopal has developed the Icopal Firesmart system - a system of application without the use of open fire on the roof.

All Icopal roofers are furthermore thoroughly trained and follow strict rules of security in their work. For the private user of the Icopal products instructions for application come with the product, and assistance and further information ca be achieved from our Customer Service desks and Icopal websites in your local country. 

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