Employee Development

In an increasingly competitive market environment, the development of employees to ensure the right qualifications and motivation becomes critical. Due to Icopal’s decentralised structure, most training sessions take place locally. New employees attend courses in roofing, product knowledge and various kinds of local introductory training. More experienced employees are trained both internally and externally in various matters ranging from leadership training, coaching, core values, general insight into law (employment, fraud, contract and competition), safety at work, electrical clearances, driving forklifts, disposal of waste, sales, accounting and English. Training at the Group level takes place mainly within the framework of Icopal University.

Icopal University is a supplement to local courses and was developed on a corporate basis to cover a wide range of different training and development areas. The main idea behind Icopal University is to use internal capacities for qualified Icopal-based and customised training sessions. Therefore, the trainers are often Icopal employees who share their expert knowledge with their colleagues. However, external trainers and customized e-learning are also used, e.g. to provide information on compliance with competition law to a larger number of employees.

Icopal University offers a wide range of different courses. This includes tailor-made training modules for procurement, courses in product knowledge and finance typically with online access in order to reach a larger number of employees. The courses offered by Icopal University not only support the development of employees’ professional and personal skills in areas such as finance and product knowledge, but are also designed to increase general knowledge and the achievement of excellence in important areas like project management and participation in projects and Health & Safety.

Furthermore Icopal University developed two new concepts to improve efficiency and knowledge-sharing: an Icopal concept for project realisation and the Icopal Exchange Programme. The latter allowed selected employees to travel to other Icopal subsidiaries, where they could exchange knowledge on the handling of specific issues or problems. This concept shows to be an efficient way of increasing experience levels with employees and enhancing best practice sharing and is expected to be further developed in the coming years.

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