Icopal Code of Conduct

For many years Icopal has worked to educate its employees on understanding and adhering to responsible business practices in all countries where the Group operates. These principles are documented in the “Icopal code of conduct” which is available here to all employees and business partners.

The code of conduct is based on thefollowing principles:

Respect for the law

  • All employees must comply with the law
  • Icopal refrains from taking part in any kind of corruption
  • Regardless of local practice, any personal payments, kick-backs or bribes between Icopal and customers, suppliers or public servants are strictly prohibited
  • Icopal competes for business on fair terms and solely on the merits of its products and services
  • Icopal accounts will be reflected accurately in accordance with current legislation and Icopal guidelines

Respect for the environment

  •  Icopal conducts business with respect for the environment and includes environmental considerations in business decisions
  • Icopal Group companies are required to adopt all reasonable measures necessary to ensure the protection of health and safety in the workplace

Respect for business relations

  • All employees must comply with competition law
  • Icopal products must meet agreed standards for quality and performance
  • Complaints are addressed effectively and are considered a valuable contribution to constantly ensuring high levels of service
  • Icopal evaluates the procurement of products and services based on the following criteria: quality, economy, environment and ethics

Respect for employees

  • Icopal is committed to a working environment which is open, honest and based on mutual respect
  • Employees must disclose, and take reasonable steps to avoid, any real or apparent conflict of interest in connection with Icopal employment
  • Icopal bases employment, recruitment and promotion on skills, talent and experience
  • Icopal demands that employees perform their work without the influence of alcohol or drugs

Despite the Icopal code of conduct and increasing external regulation and other measures, poor business behaviour and economic crime continues to be a potential risk for Icopal. In order to avoid and minimise the risk of fraud, violations of competition law and other illegal or unacceptable acts within the Group, Icopal continuously develops and implements various precautionary measures and controls for the effective prevention and detection of issues.

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