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iCARE Programme

Icopal iCARE programme, launched in 2009, is a Group-wide Health and Safety scheme which is:

  • a part of Icopal University, which will provide training on a wide range of relevant areas throughout the Group and
  • a key programme in terms of fulfilling the codes tied to “respect for employees”.

The Group Executive Team believes that a prerequisite for successful health and safety performance is the direct and personal leadership of senior management. Accordingly, these managers make personal safety tours of the Group’s plants and sites. All subsidiary managing directors audit their businesses and prepare an annual continuous improvement plan. These continuous improvement plans are reviewed by Group Management and the business units in a common session twice each year as an integral part of the business planning cycle.

2010 was the first full year of working with the iCARE principles and many of the foundations were established. As a result, Icopal made a significant progress during 2011, sustaining the reduced level of 90 lost time accidents (LTAs) with no fatalities versus 133 LTAs in 2010. The frequency rate in 2011 was 14.8 LTA’s per 1,000,000 man hours worked, compared to the target of 18. This was a significant decrease from 22.2 in 2010. International benchmarks for manufacturing industries stipulate 10 as good (this excludes the roofing installation services which operate with higher rates). The target for 2012 was to reach the benchmark level of 10 LTAs per 1,000,000 man hours worked. However, this reduction proved difficult to reach and the 2012 numbers came out at 16.25 LTAs.

Three major actions were initiated during 2011 to reduce health and safety risks and to increase safety awareness:

  • a health and safety policy was formulated and all operational business units carried out a safety assessment and took corrective actions,
  • four fast track improvement units were identified, and special actions were commenced with good results and
  • top five safety risks were identified based on analysis of past accidents: slips and trips (usually on ice), bitumen burns and fires, manual handling and crushing from machinery. To minimise these risks, minimum Group standards have been developed and implemented. Similar actions have been taken and implemented to improve fire prevention.

If only 5 of 19 business units can improve their performance to the Group average of the remaining business units, Icopal will meet the target frequency rate of 10. These five business units will be the focus of specific actions to improve their performance in 2013. Three of the five business units are in Region North and include Roofing Installation Services. This activity has traditionally been seen as a far higher risk and therefore makes the target ambitious.

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