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Health and Safety

Construction sites generally contain higher-than-average health and safety risks and, as such, Icopal and its employees are exposed to that risk through its roofing installation activities. Icopal's commitment to reducing health and safety risks in roofing installation is illustrated by many of its products. For example, Icopal's FireSmart products have been the leading fireproof bitumen membrane for roofing for many years, and the Group is a leader in the design of flat roof safety systems.

To further enhance its commitment to the employees, Icopal has launched a group-wide Health and Safety programme called iCARE. This programme provides training on a wide range of relevant areas throughout the group on all Icopal plants and sites.

The top five business risks are slips and trips (usually on ice), bitumen burns and fires, manual handling and crushing from machinery. The group works continuously on minimising these risks by implementing and maintaining minimum group safety standards.

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