Sustainable Construction Innovations

Sustainable Construction Innovations

Icopal is committed to the development of products and systems that address modern sustainable construction needs.

In addition to our Eco-Activ range there are many other innovative products that address sustainable construction needs.





Groove Technology  
Bitumen Roofing membranes that uses 25% less gas and allows up to 30% faster application than traditional torch-on membranes.

Intelligent Building Solutions
Designed to improve the internal environment, and save energy, Icopal supplies a series of membranes such as insulating underlays, wind barriers and vapour control layers that incorporate reflective surfaces, minimised solar gain, heat loss prevention and indoor climate control.

Decra Roof System  
Decra tiles are typically only one-seventh of the weight of traditional roof tiles. This dramatic reduction in the weight can potentially provide architects and roof designers with many cost savings and sustainable construction benefits.

Rooflights and Ventilation Systems  
Increased natural light reduces artificial lighting, cutting energy costs and CO2  emissions, and can also improve well being, productivity and even sales.

Icopal’s range of geomembranes provide high performance protection and containment solutions for wide ranging applications, including sustainable regeneration of brown-field and contaminated land, water containment, tanking, and gas control systems. 


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