Noxite® Depolluting waterproofing membranes

Natural air, mainly composed of nitrogen and oxygen, is indispensable for life. Each human being breathes about 10 m³ of air per day. Since the beginning of the industrial era, human activity has been modifying the atmosphere, disturbing the climate and degrading the quality of the air that we breathe by introducing more and more substances which are harmful to health.

Atmospheric pollution: implications for the planet

Among these harmful substances are the nitrogen oxides (NO) and (NO²) known as NOx. Epidemiological studies have shown that symptoms of bronchitis, asthma and sensitivity to infection increase in some people with long term exposure. Nitrogen Oxides facilitate the formation of ozone in the atmosphere’s lower layers. In the summer, the thresholds established to protect health are often exceeded* in large conurbations (urban and suburban zones). The main sources of the emission of NOx are road transportation, manufacturing and power production. Moreover, the heating power of NO² – (310 times that of CO²) – accentuates climatic heating of the planet by increasing the greenhouse effect. Fighting against pollution and its deleterious effects entails regulation of road traffic or reduction of emissions. But today, it is also possible to destroy the pollution generated. This is thanks to the depolluting elements being introduced into building materials such as Eco-Activ® waterproofing membranes.


  • Air purifying effect
  • NOx reduction
  • Sustainable
  • Multi - purpose solution
  • Certified performance


The Noxite® Process

Eco-Activ® Noxite® membranes are self protected by granules based upon Ti0² (titanium dioxide in its anatase form) which functions as a catalyst actuated by UV rays from sunlight.
The granular make up of the membrane maximises the photocatalytic surface area and the efficiency of the NOx depolluting potential, neutralising more than 90% of the particles. On contact with the granule NOx is changed to form harmless levels of nitrates* which are washed away as a dilute solution in rainwater. The resulting depolluting effect is permanent throughout the life of the waterproofing membrane.


*Levels of nitrates are less than those found in bottled mineral water.

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