Icopal eco products that fight against pollution

Icopal Eco Activ® products

The highly innovative Eco-Activ range provides architects and specifiers with versatile and sustainable solutions.

By working actively with nature, Eco-Activ products help reduce air pollution, cut CO2 emissions, and improve energy efficiency, enabling new-build and refurbishment projects to meet the increasingly challenging environmental targets specified by evolving Building Regulations.

The Eco Activ® product program from Icopal includes: Noxite® bitumen membranes, IcoSun® photovoltaic panels, Icopal Green roofs and the newly developed "Energy Roof".  

Icopal Noxite®
Icopal Noxite is a special bitumen membrane that cleans the air from damaging NOx particles emitted with the exhaust fumes from cars, power plants or incinerators. The roof interacts with the sunlight to capture the particles and transform them into harmless nitrates. The nitrate is then flushed away with rainwater.

Learn more about the Icopal Noxite® membranes

Icopal Green Roofs
Another key point in the Eco Activ range. Green roofs give the architechts and building owners a range of options to create interesting roof tops for decoration, environmental and recreational purposes. The green roofs actively reduce air pollution because the vegetation binds the polluting particles and dust, the plants produce oxygen and the vegetation layer relieves the sewer system by holding back water during heavy rains.

Learn more about Icopal Green Roofs on local Icopal websites or via this link.

Photovoltaic solutions
Icopal IcoSun® is a photovoltaic solution fastened directly on the roof surface. This solution is designed to generate large amounts of energy even when the sunlight is only diffuse, and the IcoSun® does indeed outperform traditional solutions under such conditions. An installation of IcoSun® produces about 1000 kWh/year.

Icopal Energy Roof
Icopal's latest invention, the Icopal Energy Roof, won the 2010 Innovation award from the Confederation of Danish Industry. The Icopal Energy Roof absorbs heat from the surroundings and distributes it via a pump to the rest of the building. A similar technique is known from geothermal solutions. Sunlight obviously adds to the effect, which is also increased by the wind as it causes more air to touch the roof surface. Even rain leads to energy production because the water makes the temperature of the roof rise. The Energy Roof supplies heat even at temperatures as low as 8 degrees C and reduces CO2 emissons by 40% compared to heating with oil, gas or electricity.

This solution was developed in cooperation with Danfoss, the leading company in the heating industry and a global supplier of heat pumps and water heaters.



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