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Environmental responsibility

Environmental sustainability and climate change are increasingly becoming determining competitive parameters and a general concern of the global society. Icopal is committed to acting with a strong environmental awareness and to prioritising environmental sustainability in all decisions that have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

As a company, Icopal is proud of its strong environmental credentials, actively promoting the recycling of its products whenever possible, in order to minimising the use of raw materials and energy in the development and production of roofing and waterproofing solutions.

This means that many of our products already meet and often exceed environmental standards, and are already recognised by many of the industry bodies promoting excellence in this field.

As sustainable construction practices become increasingly mainstream, we are therefore ideally positioned to offer architects and developers the products they need both to satisfy evolving environmental standards, and meet the increasingly informed sustainability expectations of building users.


Eco-Active Product Range
The highly innovative Eco-Activ range provides architects and specifiers with versatile and sustainable construction solutions. By working actively with nature, Eco-Activ products help reduce air pollution, cut CO2 emissions, and improve energy efficiency.

Read more about Icopal’s Eco-Activ range


Icopal BiELSo - Sustainable Construction through virtually endless bitumen recycling. 

Read more about Icopal’s revolutionary BiELSO recyling plant.


Icopal is committed to the development of products and systems that address modern sustainable construction needs.

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