Icopal Roof Shingles

Bituminous roof shingles are a very interesting product for pitched roofs and they ensure the highest quality roofing. The Icopal roof shingles portfolio includes a number of shingle shapes available in a rich range of colours (including copper shingles). Due to this, it is easy to select the shingles which match the style of a building, facades and which are harmonized with the surroundings. It is a variety of product that is one of key advantages of bituminous shingles. Icopal Shingles are now also available with the special Noxite coating. 

Another important advantage is that as light roofing bituminous shingles do not require any special and expensive accessories and may be used in any climate, also on roofs with a small slope. Bituminous roof shingles demonstrate their advantages especially on more complicated roofs where easy application and little waste make the roofing cheaper than in case of other roofing materials. This is why this product is appreciated by roofers.

Bituminous roof shingles are produced by Icopal in 5 production plants in Europe (France, Finland, Poland and Slovakia) according to the European norm EN 544. Icopal roof shingles have been successfully sold by us all over the world for a few dozen years.


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    Icopal Shingles