Plastic Roof Panels

Fastlock is a unique transparent roof solution for secondary buildings such as carports, terraces, patios, sheds, canopies and conservatories. The material is very strong polycarbonate with a UV-stabilized top-layer. The Fastlock panels are assembled by interlocking beads at the panel edge's. This means that  penetration of the panels is avoided. The roof will therefore stay waterproof during its total life time. The design of the Fastlock is very elegant - especially in curved Fastlock Uni solutions - with the characteristic parallel lines for each 20 cm.

Fastlock Uni is a single layer panel, covering 20 cm in width and in standard lengths or in special ordered lengths. Colours are white or clear. The panels could be applied as curved solutions on timber or steel rafters - or of course as flat solutions with a small slope of  minimum 1 cm per m. The panels are fixed to the joists by top-clips or front clips.

Fastlock Multi is a multi layer system with a high thermal insulation value. The panels cover 60 cm in width and can be delivered in a number of standard lengths or cut to size. Colours are opal or clear. The panels are assembled without riders and fixed to the rafters by special aluminium washers and screws not penetrating the top layer of the panel


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