Bitumen membranes with 3D effect

Icopal Rolled Tiles 3D is a unique light weight roofing material for pitched roofs. It is a reliable bitumen roof with an attractive ceramic-tile look. The coloured mineral granules create a three-dimensional design imitating various types of commonly used tiles.

The main advantages of the product are:

  • total water-tightness of the roof, resistant to wind-driven snow or rain
  • longevity with no need for conservation work – resistant to tearing
  • resistant to UV rays and low temperatures
  • silent roof muffling the noise of rain
  • minimum waste – high efficiency of roof covering, the roof details are also made of the basic material
  • Resistant to fire spreading
  • universal use – can be applied on all pitched roofs, ideal for roof renovation where lightweight material is needed.


For more information about Icopal Rolled Tiles 3D please go to the website of Icopal Poland.

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