Pitched Roofing

Icopal offers roofing solutions of the highest quality for pitched roofs from steel tiles and  bituminous shingles to rainwater systems, including breather membrane and choice of underlays, eaves protection systems, ventilation systems and warm roof systems.

Decra® tiles are designed to provide an attractive and economic finish for all types of roof down to 10° pitch. The system comprises coated, galvanised steel tile panels with the appearance of traditional tiles. The tiles are available in a range of profiles and colours.

Icopal Rolled Tiles with 3D effect is a unique roofing material which combines lightness, water tightness and reliability of traditional bitumen roofing with the attractive look of ceramic tiles.  The coloured mineral granules create a design imitating various types of tiles, giving the three-dimensional visual effect.

The Icopal roof shingles portfolio includes a number of shingle shapes available in a rich range of colours. It is therefore easy to select shingles to match the style of a building, facades and in harmony with the surroundings.

Completing the product programme Icopal provides the elegantly designed Icopal Fastlock transparent roofing solutions suitable for secondary buildings such as carports or terraces.

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