Polistyrene foam EPS50 042_776x243

Thermal Insulation

Icopal produces boards for thermal insulation of roofs, ceilings, terraces and floors. They are mostly used on the outside of the roof, directly under torch-on membrane. The boards are either glued or mechanically fastened to the substrate.

Icopal manufactures the following polystyrene products:

Three types of Polystyrene boards:

- EPS 50-042, (thermal insulation of three-layer cavity walls)
- EPS 70-040 (thermal insulation of two-layer walls)
- EPS 100-038, (thermal insulation of roofs and ceilings, used also for sandwich boards production)

These products are manufactured according to PN-EN 13163 standards. Board dimensions:  500mm x 1000 mm and 250mm x 1000mm. Thickness from 20 mm to 250 mm. Polystyrene boards are packed in 0.3 m3 packages. Maximum dimensions of polystyrene boards which we can produce are 3000 mm x 1000mm. Board edges may be even or moulded. The choice of the type of polystyrene boards depends on the place of its application in a building.

Sandwich boards – polystyrene laminated with roofing membrane
- PSK     (laminated on one side) or
- PSK-2  (laminated on both sides)
Sandwich boards consist of a polystyrene core - EPS100-038, either with even or moulded edges, laminated on one or both sides with glass fleece reinforced roofing membrane.

Izokliny (insulation wedges/ profiles) – these are 1000mm long polystyrene wedges/ profiles with triangular cross-section (right angle, even-armed triangle). Two types are produced:
1/50 – triangle sides 50x50 mm
2/100 – triangle sides 100x100 mm
The full length of the hypotenuse side is covered with base membrane. Insulation profiles are used for membrane profiling in roof-wall angles

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