Skylights & Smoke Ventilation

Icopal products for Skylights and smoke Ventilation bring light through the roof and into the buildings, and reduce risks and damages caused by fire - even saving life! 

Light contribution from skylight is five times larger than light from a similar window area in building facades. Natural light and natural ventilation has a positive impact on human well-being, and savings on energy make it cost effective.   

Icopal’s extensive experience helps the customer through all phases of their roofing project, from dimensioning, design and quotation, to ordering, supply and even installation. By offering a complete roof solution Icopal ensures efficient supply of high quality and a highly functional solution. Icopal Smoke Ventilation and Skylight products are produced at Icopal manufacturing sites in Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway and sold throughout all European countries.

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    If you wish to purchase Icopal products or learn more about local availability, please contact your local Icopal supplier.
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