Icopal Gutters - safe, effective and attractive.


Icopal Gutters – the roof drainage system by Wijo, Sweden, is a comprehensive and effective solution for buildings of all kinds. The well-planned system contains all high-quality components necessary to achieve the desired result. This means you can be confident that our products are quick and easy to assemble and designed to withstand even the harsh Scandinavian climate. The whole gutter system comprising gutters, down pipes, hooks etc. are manufactured from galvanized high strength steel sheet coated with HBP coating, the combination which provides perfect protection against corrosion and ensures a long lifetime of the system. And since all the components are made of the same material and have the same surface finish they will age in the same beautiful way.

Gutters are a visible part of the façade and contribute to the character of the building. To match the style of your home, you can choose from a wide range of colours, giving you plenty of scope to put your own stamp on the building’s appearance.

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Icopal Aluzink®*– timeless yet contemporary


Icopal Aluzink is a special external coating that gives the right old-fashioned appearance while being an exclusive modern material in terms of quality and effectiveness.

The mixture of aluminium and zinc creates an attractive sheen resembling that of old-fashioned zinc gutters. The main difference is that the cost is much more affordable! Durability and ease of installation also make this a very competitive option.

Icopal Aluzink has a core of sheet steel providing strength, while the coating provides effective protection against rust. All components and accessories are available with Aluzink coating, to give your roof drainage system a uniformly attractive appearance. As well as looking good, Icopal Aluzink is a tried-and-tested roofing material, with a 10-year guarantee into the bargain.



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