Chimney Pipes

Icopal has produced chimneys for more than 25 years in the factory at Egersund in Norway.  The Icopal chimney is made from pumice from Iceland. The pumice stands extremely high temperatures, and is therefore a perfect material for chimney production.

There are two types of chimneys; one with insulation outside the inner pipe, the other one is without insulation. The chimney without insulation is described as "ventilated chimney".  Icopal produces chimneys without insulation.

The advantages of a ventilated chimney are:  Low weight and easy to work with during installation.  Also, it is easier to get full tightness between the inner pipes. Moreover, the chimney reaches high temperatures sooner, which results in better draft and also makes the kindling easier. 

The Icopal Chimney comes in two types; with one or two pipes. One may connect a maximum of 4 stoves to a one-pipe chimney.  The Icopal chimney also has approval for a closed burning system, which means that the stratum of air between the inner and outer element is used as combustion air for the stove.

Icopal Norway has sold over 275 000 chimneys.

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