Stripes Technology

Stripes Technology

Icopal has developed an advance vapour release technology which has been specially designed to dissipate any moisture vapour that may be trapped within the roofing system.

When trapped moisture begins to warm up, for example due the effects of solar gain, it expands and can form pressure pockets within the system.  The Total Torch, Profiles and Pyrobar systems have been engineered to neutralise this potential problem.

British Standard BS8217 calls for partial bonding to PIR insulation.  The specially designed bitumen 'lozenges' and 'stripes' have been designed to provide a partial bond and allow for a 50% bond surface, leaving the other half of the system available for vapour pressure dispersion.

These superior engineered products have been developed to provide a bonding strength equal to that of a fully bonded system.  The specially designed bitumen 'lozenge' achieve this bonding strength by being manufactured using 'Superfusion Bitumen', which is a technically advanced modified bitumen, exclusively developed by Icopal Worldwide Laboratories, and only requires a minimal application of heat to activate its fast adhesive properties.


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