Bitumen Membranes

Building on 165 years of experience
Icopal offers a range of polyester reinforced, SBS modified bitumen membranes, insulation boards and vapour control layers which are applied using traditional methods – either torch-on or pour & roll.

The SBS modification adds flexibility, application strength and durability to the membranes. Bitumen flat roof systems are ideal for both new build or refurbishment projects. Offering guaranteed quality, specifiers can select high quality products suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including metal decking, timber and concrete substrates.

Products range from traditional felts and underlays, used in both DIY and professional applications, to innovative energy efficient and flame retardant solutions designed for experienced roofing teams.

Icopal operates a system in accordance with ISO9001, guaranteeing consistently high standards in both products and levels of service.

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