Reduced noise level in the building

Buildings conduct sound through the fabric of walls and floors. Sound can also travel through gaps in the building fabric; unwanted sound transmission either within or between dwellings can become a nuisance, cause stress and impair residents' quality of life.

The Icopal sound deadening membranes improve indoor climates. The transmission of impact and airborne sounds through floors can be reduced by introducing a sound absorbing layer into the floor construction, typically a mineral wool or foam layer. Icopal Sounddeadening systems provide the quick, proven route to compliance, reducing both impact and airborne sounds while saving you time and money.

The Icopal acoustic systems range is one of Europe's leading acoustic floor treatments for the construction industry offering environmentally friendly, world-class performance.

Icopal offers solutions to several building structures:

  • New build timber frame
  • Conversion timber floor
  • Concrete 
  • Steel joists




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    If you wish to purchase Icopal products or learn more about local availability, please contact your local Icopal supplier.
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