Icopal Scaffold Sheeting

Scaffold Sheeting

Icopal has for many years been one of the worlds leading manufacturers of reinforced plastic to be used in the building industry. Our knowledge of different plastic combinations and the extrusion technology to laminate different components together allow us to manufacture high quality products for the building industry. This product and process knowledge is ideal for producing high quality and durable sheeting for covering scaffolds.


The scaffold sheeting has many purposes:

  • Enhance the security for the workers on the scaffold
  • Serve as a climate shield to protects workers, machinery and open  constructions against rain, wind, snow etc.
  • Ensure a stable working climate on the scaffold so deadlines can be respected regardless of the weather
  • Protect the surroundings from any inconveniences ex. particles or building dust from sandblasting or water jetting from facade works.

Conclusion: Using scaffold sheeting optimises the working conditions and consequently the economy of a building project.

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