Radon and Gas Membranes

Gas is generated in the underground and for the most part it percolates to the surface and dissipates under normal atmospheric conditions. Under these circumstances the gas does not constitute a health hazard. However, when buildings are constructed on gas contaminated land, it will seep into buildings through openings, construction joints, cavities and service penetrations to reach a dangerous concentration with a serious health hazard to the inhabitants of the house as a consequence.

The gas membranes from Monarflex are developed specially for contaminated ground caused by chemicals or high concentrations of methane gasses. The products are all reinforced for higher strength and have a thick aluminium foil as a dependent gas barrier. The membranes are resistant to most chemicals. Produced from LDPE, installation in low temperatures is possible without cracking. Monarflex a/s has developed 3 special reinforced membranes that meet the high requirements for radon protection and at the same time have enhanced strength properties to ensure a problem-free installation.

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