Foundation Waterproofing Panels

Icopal Fonda is a sturdy knobbed sheet made from polypropylene for protection against moist, and which is 100% watertight. This foundation waterproofing product is environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable.  Because it is made from polypropylene, it is easy to work with, even when it is cold.
Fonda foundation waterproofing panels have several ranges of use, such as protection of foundation walls or wooden floor on concrete, and under turfed roofs.

Used on foundation walls, Fonda Universal gives efficient protection against soil moisture when earth mass is filled in.  The strong knobs give extra strength against compression and at the same time they form permanent air-gaps that are contributing to an efficient drainage of moisture in the wall.  For turfed roofs, Fond Universal is the best product in today's market for protection against moisture. The knobs and the X design make it safe to be on the roof while laying the turf, and at the same time the knobs provide good fastening for the turf. Fonda Universal is also a perfect foundation for cast on concrete, with our without heater cables.

Fonda Special is for use as vapour barrier under wooden floors on concrete. The knobs are solid and stand heavy loads without deflection.  Fonda is made from polypropylene, which renders walking comfort and effective sound-deadening. 

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