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Indoor climate control

Icopal  is Europe’s leading manufacturer of reinforced and non-reinforced plastic and bitumen sheeting and membranes, as well as related accessories, used in the building and construction industry.  Designed to improve the internal environment, and save energy, Icopal supplies a series of membranes such as insulating underlays, wind barriers and vapour control layers that incorporate reflective surfaces, minimised solar gain, heat loss prevention and indoor climate control.

Used on foundation walls and turfed roofs, Icopal Fonda products are the best product in today's market for protection against moisture. 

Icopal tarpaulins and scaffold sheeting are widely used for any type of covering, containment or weather protection purposes. Icopal's knowledge of different plastic combinations and the extrusion technology to laminate different components together allow us to manufacture plastic membranes  membranes of very high quality.

The Icopal range of building membranes furthermore includes sound deadening membranes  - leading acoustic floor treatments for the construction industry.

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