Vision and Values

Icopal’s vision is to be the “world reference in waterproofing technology”.

Icopal strives to always exceed the expectations of its customers which count: distributors, installers, architects, building specifiers and building owners. Based on its wide-ranging product programme, unique product features, technical skills, vast experience and innovative thinking, Icopal provides optimal solutions to meet specific customers needs. High quality and high performance products and services are the common denominators for all product groups.

Icopal strongly promotes innovation among all employees, constantly seeking and honouring product and process improvements. Employees are recognised for their attention to customer needs, professional conduct and dependability in business relations. It is the Group’s objective to assure a high level of knowledge by attracting, developing and retaining the most qualified people and to encourage personal responsibility for common goals, teamwork and mutual respect among colleagues. Equal opportunity is a matter of course, and an open and honest dialogue is appreciated and expected at any time. These rules are supported by Icopal Corporate Values which should be top priority guidelines for all Icopal employees.

Icopal is environmentally and socially conscious and acts responsibly towards society. 

The  ultimate aim of the Group is to be the best in the waterproofing industry and thereby generate above-average growth and value for the company, its employees and shareholders. This is hard work, but while all members of the Icopal Group are encouraged to work hard, they are also encouraged to enjoy their work, have fun and celebrate achievements along the way.

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