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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is our commitment to act ethically in everyday business operations, caring for the interest of all our stakeholders and combining the economic development with the initiatives undertaken for the welfare of our employees, local communities and society at large. We also control and take responsibility for the company’s impact on the environment and prioritise environmental sustainability in all business decisions. In order to fulfill our responsibility towards investors, customers, other business partners, employees and the society in general, we base our behaviour on principles included in the Icopal Code of Conduct.

In 2010 the Code of Conduct was reinforced by Icopal’s newly developed Corporate Values. “Integrity” is a cornerstone of Icopal Corporate Values and states clearly: “We do not cheat and we treat everyone fairly. We create security and confidence via open and honest dialogue.” In 2011 and 2012 work continued to develop a strong anti- crime climate within the Icopal Group. A large number of employees were invited and completed Icopal’s e-learning programme “Compliance with Competition Law”. Information material explaining the rules and our policy within Competition law was prepared and translated into 10 languages. Lectures were held on compliance with competition law and anti-corruption, e.g. in Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands, and will continue throughout the Group in 2013. A new icon named “Report Wrong-doing” was also added to our Intranet to provide information for our employees as to whom to contact in the event of suspicion of corruption or infringement of competition law. The major focal areas for the coming years are:

  • Anti-competitive behaviour
  • Corruption and all kinds of economic wrong doing and crimes

Employee Development

In an increasingly competitive market environment, the development of employees to ensure the right qualifications and motivation becomes crucial for the company's growth and improved performance. Therefore Icopal is committed to hire the best people and create the conditions and opportunities for their continuous development. The employee development is supported by a number of initiatives on a Group level. e.g. annual appraisal system implemented throughout the Group companies and Icopal University, which enables knowledge-sharing and developing new skills.  Also a large number of training sessions are organised locally by Icopal SBU's.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety issues play a key role in Icopal operations and providing a safe work environment with health risks thoroughly controlled and minimised is a top priority for Icopal. Health and safety risks in Icopal are analysed in two segments:

  • risks related to manufacturing in Icopal’s 35 factories
  • risks related to roofing installation services primarily in Region North. Roofing installation services generally contain higher-than-average health and safety risks that are also significantly higher than in the Icopal factories.

In order to enhance our commitment to employees, the company has launched a Group-wide Health and Safety programme called iCARE.


Environmental sustainability and climate change are increasingly becoming determining competitive parameters and a general concern of the global society. Following the code of “respect for the environment”, Icopal is committed to acting with strong environmental awareness and to prioritizing environmental sustainability in all decisions that have a direct or indirect impact on the environment. With the input from subsidiaries, Icopal prepared an Environment Policy Statement, which includes guidelines for the management and employees how to act responsibly towards the environment.


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